Walt Lab

The Walt lab pioneered the microwell array-based platforms for ultrasensitive biomarker detection and is now working towards new diagnostic approaches and translating them into products that can non-invasively and more accurately diagnose and assess the states of certain forms of cancer, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. The technique, known as Single Molecule Arrays (Simoa), utilizes a novel digital readout method and can be used to detect proteins, post-translational modifications, microRNAs and biologically relevant small molecules. Most importantly, Simoa has the ability to improve the limit of detection of conventional enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) by 100-1000 fold. This increased sensitivity is critical for early disease diagnostics and for detecting differences between patients and healthy subjects that may be unobservable by other technologies.

Group News:

Spring – Summer 2022

We wish Lizzie good luck on her Ph.D. at UMass Chan Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, starting this Fall!

Congratulations and good luck Annie in your upcoming faculty position at Department of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University!

– Congratulations Yasmeen for being selected as a member of the MGH Postdoctoral Association International Medical Graduate Committee (MGPA IMG)!

– Welcome to our new TRA Lizzie Flynn to the lab!

– We are welcoming Ceara as the new administrative assistant for the lab. Welcome to the lab, Ceara!

– We want to wish Terri all the best in her new position at the University of Wisconsin! Thank you for everything and best of luck!

– Congratulations to Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna for obtaining a fellowship from Black Women in Science and Engineering, a non-profit organization aimed at supporting Black women in STEM by expanding their leadership across various sectors and economically empowering them. Good luck on this new chapter in your career doing this important work!

– Congratulations to Dr. Walt for receiving the prestigious Kabiller award. The Kabiller award recognizes outstanding career-long achievements in nanomedicine and its application to medicine and biology.


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